Monday, October 31, 2011

Old is new again

I got this nib and section at a local market near my work.  The body was toast so at the time I thought I could get enough parts to put a pen back together.  Well that was not to be so while I was going through my stock drawers of both material as well as pen sections I found the section again.  The green body was a sample from a company I think In Germany and the green top was from one of my dad's old screwdrivers that I had borrowed years ago.

  • Length capped 136 mm
  • Cap thickness12.75 mm
  • Body thickness 11 mm
  • Nib tip to end 121 mm
  • Cap length 60 mm

This pen is quite thin compared to my other pens as the section on this one was only 8mm so I was able to make myself a much thinner pen.
The nib is a wrap around Sheaffer which I love and the section still had a working sac on it so right now it is a squeeze filler, meaning you squeeze the sack till full.

Screw drives are something that I keep an eye out for at garage and estate sales because I love reusing old stuff to make something new and beautiful.


Gecika said...

I really love the top, but I can imagine that the whole pen has a really nice balance.

Unknown said...

I'm telling your Dad what you did with his screwdriver...that you BORROWED...doesn't that mean that he'll be getting it back. ha ha

Annie Hughes said...

Always love the transparent plastics.