Sunday, June 3, 2012

It Started With A NOS Sheaffer Nib Unit

I got a NOS Sheaffer nib unit in the mail last week so it has been on my bench all week just looking at me asking to be made into a pen.
Earlier this week I had made up a new section that was to be used in a vintage pen that had a lever as a filling system.  The twist was that the customer wanted it to take a Pelikan M400 nib.  So I made up a ebonite section with a sack on one end and the threads for the M400 on the other end. 
No pictures as per the customers request but it got me thinking about the Sheaffer nib.
So this is what I made up.
 This one is just a squeeze filler.  Very similar to a lever filler but your fingers do the squeezing on this one.

I have a bunch of the Here 616 caps that I love building pens around so that is what I ended up doing.

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