Friday, July 6, 2012

Wyvern Cap Repair

I bought a small lot of pens the other week that all needed a bit of love.
The first one I am working on was the Wyvern hard rubber.
It is the first English made pen that I have ever had.
Top two pictures from  Markiv on FPN
My first thought was like the previous owner to just make up a new cap.
After looking at it though I did not think there was a chance that you would be able to match the material so my other choice was to do a straight black cap.
Well after looking at it a bit I trimmed off the lip of the cap as I only had to take off about a 32th of an inch.  Next I used some industrial glue that we have at work for gluing together rubber and wicked it into the crack. 
After re shaping the lip I think it will be fine.  You can still see the crack but it is solid and the cap also had the cap rings for strength so I left it alone.
Bonus is that it writes like a dream

Any way I have kept the pen complete and it will be in my pocket for a while now.

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