Sunday, January 6, 2013

A New Year A New Body

Well now that we are into a new year I thought I need a new body.
Not for me but for my Bic .05 needle point pen.

It is not a bad looking pen but I thought I would like to dress it up a bit to match my 51's that I seem to have in my pocket all the time now.
I had some leftover ebonite that I though would do the trick for me.

As an added bonus I took the three bodies I had removed the section out if then and filled them with my own colored ink.
Because I kept the original snap caps I just cap which ever color I am not using that day and they ride in my pen case.

So now I have a Iroshizuku  yama-budo a dark wine colored and ku-jaku a light blue and a Pelikan green all set up in my pen case to be used.  As I find more colors that of ink I like I will just clean out more Bic bodies and refill them.

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Unknown said...

Well, I could use a new body...not a pen body. lol. Picture shows the colour off nicely.