Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Very large ED

This one has been on the bench a long time.  I think I have built almost 3 pens with all the problems I have had with this one.
I had the pen body turned down to size and sat it aside and started the cap.  Had the cap all turned to size and when I was starting to sand and polish under a magnifying glass I notices all sorts of bubbles as well as a stress crack in the blind cap on the body.  Even when I was sanding and working with this ebonite it felt like it was not cured enough.  The smell was way stronger than any ebonite I have ever got from Germany or even India for that matter.  The sanding residue was pure black and stained my hands like the soot from a lamp shade. So we had to get more material and it to had bubbles but they were more to the surface so as I cut deeper I was able to get past them.  The smell and soot properties are still there so I am not sure if this was all just a bad batch or what but not a lot of fun.

Any way I was able to finally get a pen made up.

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