Monday, November 11, 2013

Squeeze Filler

This was a filling system that I have been thinking about trying for a while now.
With some encouragement or I should say some pushing from a friend at our pen breakfast.
So this is what I ended up making.  I had some black/red ebonite in my stash so there was enough to make a matching section.
The hardest part was installing a breather tube on the small nib unit that I was using.  Then making up the section was a bit of fun as well.  It had to have threads for the body, a area for the metal squeeze unit to mount on and then the sac had to be able to be mounted as well.
Any way I was quite pleased at how well it turned out.

So all in all a great day in the shop and I have a nice pen to use.  
Now I am told all I have to do is figure out how to make the cap with a clutch in it.
So off to the drawing board.


kcunvong said...

Your skill never ceases to amaze me. I enjoy coming to this website to see what is next in store.


Unknown said...

Nice to see that you were able to capture the colour. Nice work...I'll try not to break it.

Christopher Hughes said...

Thank you so much.

Christopher Hughes said...

Back slowly away from my pen case. lol