Monday, February 17, 2014

Vintage G2 Refill Holder

 I finally got brave enough to get the shop thawed out.
I had to put the block heater on for an hour on the head of the lathe before it would turn over.
I was digging around my stash the other day and I found this material that I was told was from some vintage stock.
I am not sure the age of it but it did make a nice looking pen.

This one was cobbled together from some assorted bits.

The clip and washer as well as the black top were from a Parker fountain pen that I had some extra parts.
I drilled and threaded the end to take the clicker unit.

This one takes the G2 refills as well as the Uni-ball Jetstream Rollerball refills.
The only thing is you have to remove or cut off the little plastic blue bit on the end of the Jetstream and then it is the same size as the G2

Any way I was very pleased with the pen and that it will take two types of refills.

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