Sunday, December 20, 2015

Inkograph and Esterbrook Conversion

The first one is a inkograph drafting pen that has some really nice coloring that I thought would make a really nice fountain pen.

This is the section that came with the pen

This is the section made up

End result

Very happy with how it all turned out

The Esterbrook was a felt tipped marker that I converted to take a Pilot refill.

I think it took some sort of ink cartridge
Built a new section to take the new nose cone.

Looking good


ToasterPastry said...

Chris: I have the exact same Esterbrook marking pen. I love the filling ink-feed mechanism. But no practical purpose for a felt-tip marker. Was this an easy conversion? I have a Kaweco ink-ball that I'd love to marry to the Esterbrook.

Appleman said...

Not real hard but I had to machine a new section for it. I am always up for a challenge if you need it done.


Unknown said...

Do you still have the Inkograph section by any chance? I love Stylographs and my Inkograph's section caught a bad case of crazing. The cap and barrel are in a nice condition though.