Saturday, July 30, 2016

Orange Click Pen

Wanted to make a click pen to go along with my Doufold clone so with some free time and some spare parts I made up this little guy.


The click pen has a clip off a new Duofold and the fountain pen has one off a vintage Duofold so I think a good match.


Paul Bloch said...

Fine job, as always Chris. And I think a BP without a seam in the middle is both more appealing to the eye and more comfortable to use.

Appleman said...

Thank you so much

I to like the one piece body but it is sometimes hard if you move up from a Parker sized refill.

Paul Bloch said...

I could see both sides of that - using a refill longer than the Parker G2 standard might pose issues I couldn't even conceive of, but, then, the additional length might be more pleasing to the eye: more streamlined, less stubby. From my perspective, those are quibbles. One should appreciate what an artist or craftsman creates as is, rather than suggesting "improvements." If Cheryl Tiegs (to pick someone in my age bracket) wants to park her slippers under my bed, I'd find room!

Appleman said...

The other factor is the ring on the clip as that makes the decision of how thick the top will be. From there it tapers down to the 9mm st the nose cone.
Cheryl Tiegs is a name that I do remember fondly lol