Monday, August 1, 2016

My Grandfathers Pen

My dad gave me this pen years ago telling me that it had come from my grandfather.
I don't think he ever did drafting but here we are.
It is ebonite and I really like the style of this pen.
I did use it with the needle point in it but very hard for normal writing so when I had some shop time I sat down and did some measuring.
I use an Esterbrook nib in it and I really like how the nib screws into the section a bit.
Even so it was an 3mm to long to fit into the cap so I had to take take the cap apart and drill out the jewel to take the tip of the nib.
Now I can use my grandfathers pen as a daily writer.  Nice having a bit of connection to the past.

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Barry said...

Congratulations on a successful and meaningful rescue!