Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Parker 51 Repair

I have never taken a 51 apart but when I got this one the other day I thought what the heck.
I was able to remove the hood with very little effort which I was thankful for.
I had to soak it for a long time before I was able to remove the nib which turned out to be 14K so according to all the antique dealers I see "it's worth it's weight in gold".
Any way I was able to get it all back together and it fills and writes great.

Problem number 2

This one had it end broken off so in the picture I have been able to get the end squared off and the inside threaded to take an end jewel.
The tape is there as it was in the lathe.

Now I need some help.
I don't want to use black because you will see the join so I thought I might as well change the color.  I was thinking about an end like the Waterman 100 had as I have some see through green, blue and red.
Any way help me choose.
Also I have never seen a cap like this one.  Any info would be great.

All done
I went with green for two reasons.
#1: it's my pen   lol
#2: Any one that knows me knows I love green



Philip Akin said...

Check out list of some of the various caps. I think it is Lustraloy with GF clip and GF cap band


warnsmeth said...

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