Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Parker'ish Pen

I bought these sections a bit ago.
They are some NOS Parker sections of some sort.
If any one knows what they are please let me know.

I am a big fan of tough pens because I use them a lot at work and in areas that good pens have no business being so when ever I can come up with a tough non expensive pen I love giving it a shot.

A close up of the front as well as the back of the nib.

The cap was from a Hero 616 I had laying on the bench and the acrylic was some stock that had come out of Italy a few years ago


Anonymous said...

The acrylic looks like the one used in my Danitrio "Cum Laude" pen that I bought a few years ago on FPN (the seller said it was Italian acrylic, and it's a nice, warm shade of bluish grey). Sorry can't ID the nib-section unit you used, but it fits the pen well. Great job, Chris!

M. Tamer Özsu said...

Hey, we are now into slip caps... Sweet; design opportunities grow.

Anonymous said...

Are you planning on making another one of these pens for sale, Chris? If so, how much would you be charging?

warnsmeth said...

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