Sunday, April 29, 2012

From Garbage to Beauty

This all started when my son was looking at a pile of skids that I had brought home to heat my studio.
He ended up pulling out 1/4 of the wood for his stash.  While I was out there the other day thinking hey this kid has a good eye for wood grain.
So I took one of the smaller pieces and because I have always admired Pilot's wood pen though what the heck.

There were no kits used on this pen.  All the inserts were made up and epoxied into the wood.
I went with clip less on this one because it is going to be my desk pen. Because I don't like to post pens I made the body 3/8 of an inch longer to give it some weight.

For a nib I used a nice Cross F  that had in stock and it has made for a nice looking pen.

Now all I have to do is make up the cap and it is complete.

Well I got the cap done up today but the same wood looks a lot darker.
Not sure why.  Thickness of wood, temperature, humidity.
There were a few voids in the wood that I filled with a black epoxy to
match the trim and it is done.

My daughter loves it so that is the main goal.


Unknown said...

So has Mitch seen it and how does he feel about you digging through his pile?
I really love the colour!

Gecika said...

I'm wondering how mitch feels to be losing his stock..

Beautiful pen

Annie Hughes said...

Wood <3 Wood grain makes me happy.