Sunday, May 13, 2012

No Plumbers Crack Here

This pen started out as a sort of a Steam Punk theme but I am not to sure how true that is on the finished pen.
It all started at Home Depo looking at the brass plumbing parts and went from there.
This pen has a brass cap, union, 2 inch threaded 1/8 pipe and some copper wire.
I had a small piece of ebonite, a Waterman clip and a clicker unit from Richard Greenwald.

First I had to wrap the copper wire around the brass pipe between the cap and the union.

Then I had to turn smooth.

And then polish.

Next I had to find a clip that would work and make up a section which I used ebonite.


Annie Hughes said...

Love it-- I'm a huge fan of copper/brass. Love it.

Gecika said...

I really love this. It looks amazing!

The Boan said...

This is absolutely gorgeous! Do you have an inventory of your work that you sell to the public, or is all of your work done by custom order?

Appleman said...

Most is custom order but if you see something you like you can always check with me.