Saturday, January 16, 2016


It all started out in my parts bin.
I had a clip and the top and inner cap and a section with a nib.
I love my full size one and thought I would make him a little brother.
I use all of the measurements of the junior and I think I am pretty close.

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Paul Bloch said...

Not only a little brother in terms of size, Chris, but, from here, it sure does look Duofoldish. Some of your usual outstanding work.

Guess what I did - stopped using my ballpoints and began using fountain pens! I have nine, so far, all moderns. They were chosen because they are converter fillers, which I like (and which are easy for the non-mechanical me to deal with, obviously). All are either Japanese medium or Western fine, a size I like. The best writer, I think, is a new Conklin All-American with a stiff, fine nib. Stiff is important, too. And the tortoise plastic is cool.

I'll put my thinking cap on, and ask you to do the same, and maybe you can come up with something else for me. Like maybe Nozac patterns, or black and white or cracked ice?