Sunday, May 26, 2013

Orange HR Wearever Repair

I got this pen the other day and it looked as though someone had tried to drill some holes with the nib.
I had an Esterbrook 3556 Osmiridium tip nib that I was able to install into it.

I kept the HR feed so if I ever find a nice nib for it I will be able to reinstall it.
Any way another nice pen that I am able to get up and going and it will take the full range of screw in Esterbrook nibs as a bonus.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Pen Rescue

I got this pen a bit ago at the market and it was missing it's nib and feed.
A quick 10 min on the lathe and it now sports a Esterbrook screw in nib.

I could still put in an original nib and feed if I ever found one but I really like it as it is so I think I will keep it like this.
A really nice looking vintage pen.

Adding A Vintage Nib To A Twsbi Vac 700

This pen was a custom commission.
The customer loved the pen but wanted his vintage flexible nib in it.
The first thing and the hardest thing was to get the right sized hole on the section so that it is tight enough to hold it snug but not tight enough so that the nib still works right.  After that I had to match the threads that went into the body of the pen and install the O ring.

I have never used a flex nib before so I am not to sure how it will all work but it all fits and looks good.