Monday, June 11, 2012

Custom Binde

Several years a go I was asked to make up some Pelikan 100 binde's.  Well after blowing through a crap load of material I said no I could not do it.
That is the background of today's project.
I was at the market a bit ago and found this "old black pen"
I bought it because it had a 14k nib and according to everyone in antique markets it is worth a small kings ransom.
Now being a typical male I had a flashback to my earlier failure on the 100's and I figured what the heck.
This is not for the faint of heart because it involved material being removed.

So with a full face mask and upper body armor on I let her rip and lo and behold I got a pen that I really like a lot.

I hope you all like as well

Sunday, June 3, 2012

It Started With A NOS Sheaffer Nib Unit

I got a NOS Sheaffer nib unit in the mail last week so it has been on my bench all week just looking at me asking to be made into a pen.
Earlier this week I had made up a new section that was to be used in a vintage pen that had a lever as a filling system.  The twist was that the customer wanted it to take a Pelikan M400 nib.  So I made up a ebonite section with a sack on one end and the threads for the M400 on the other end. 
No pictures as per the customers request but it got me thinking about the Sheaffer nib.
So this is what I made up.
 This one is just a squeeze filler.  Very similar to a lever filler but your fingers do the squeezing on this one.

I have a bunch of the Here 616 caps that I love building pens around so that is what I ended up doing.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Mr Clicker

I do like making custom click pens so these are a couple that I have finished off is the past little bit.
The first one was made up out of some ebonite I found at the back of my drawer and it was just long enough to make a click pen out of.  I used a Parker Ad Pen clip on it.

Number 2 was the same material from a pen I did a bit ago.  Also an Ad Pen clip on this one.