Saturday, January 16, 2016


It all started out in my parts bin.
I had a clip and the top and inner cap and a section with a nib.
I love my full size one and thought I would make him a little brother.
I use all of the measurements of the junior and I think I am pretty close.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Vac Filler to an ED

This beautiful vac has a screwed up lock down filler.
The nib is really nice and the body of the pen is in great shape so to get it so that it can be used without sourcing out an new filler or until the Canadian dollar gets out of the toilet here is what I came up with.

Side note  No vacs were harmed in this repair,  Once a new unit is found that you just unscrew the joiner I made and install the new vac unit.

The interesting thing will be to see if it behaves itself with out burping.

The joiner piece I had to make up

Fitted into the blind cap

I adjusted it in and out a wee bit to get it fitting even a bit better than it is in this picture

Ready for a test run

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Mini Lead Holder Repair

Went to my pen case the other day and my small lead holder was broken.

It seems that the threads had broken off the final.
I am thinking that the clip may be putting pressure on the threads.

So I started turning

Now the taper

I used Delron so hopefully I will not have the same problem