Monday, July 23, 2012

Hooded Nib

After seeing twissy's pen on FPN I knew I had to make one of my own.
I used a Pelikan 200 series nib that takes a converter.

I built it so that a Hero cap would fit on it.

Custom Clipless ED

This was a pen that a customer wanted built around a vintage section.
The first thing I did was to install a sac to see how it filled and wrote.

It filled but did not write so I removed the feed and nib, cleaned them all out and still no ink on the paper.  The feed was bent to I had to heat it up and put it back into place.  Then it wrote.
Threaded the section
Starting the body.
Body threaded

Pen rest

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Second Piston Filler

This is the third pen in the lot.
The piston seals were gone on this one as well so I did the same thing.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Zenith Piston Repair

This is the second pen in a lot I got in the other day.

When I got the piston unit out this is what I had.

I was really not to sure where to go from here but I had a syringe laying on my bench.
And inside I found this.
This looks like the end of a piston filler.
I shaped the ebonite end to match this.
And then I had my new piston filler.
The body is quite see through and you can see the piston moving the length of it as well as seeing the ink.

First time I have ever tried anything like this so now with a bit of silicone grease on the rubber part it is as smooth as can be.

Now we shall see how long the repair will last.

I guess this is the same system that Bexley uses on their piston filler so I think it will be fine.

Wyvern Cap Repair

I bought a small lot of pens the other week that all needed a bit of love.
The first one I am working on was the Wyvern hard rubber.
It is the first English made pen that I have ever had.
Top two pictures from  Markiv on FPN
My first thought was like the previous owner to just make up a new cap.
After looking at it though I did not think there was a chance that you would be able to match the material so my other choice was to do a straight black cap.
Well after looking at it a bit I trimmed off the lip of the cap as I only had to take off about a 32th of an inch.  Next I used some industrial glue that we have at work for gluing together rubber and wicked it into the crack. 
After re shaping the lip I think it will be fine.  You can still see the crack but it is solid and the cap also had the cap rings for strength so I left it alone.
Bonus is that it writes like a dream

Any way I have kept the pen complete and it will be in my pocket for a while now.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Pelikan M205

I found some more of this green material the other day and thought I would make up a couple pens.

First up is a Pelikan M205 that I got from Richard.  I bought it with the purpose of installing a binde on it but was not sure of which material I was going to use until I had it laying on the bench.

The next one is a click pen that I used an old Parker clip on it.
It is setup to take Parker style refills.