Saturday, October 15, 2016

Some Leatherwork

With no pens on the bench and my sewing machine all tuned up I was able to get some leather projects off my other bench.  I think I may have to many benches.

5 X 8 Binder

Journal Cover For My Wife

Field Notes Cover

Disc Binder


New Thicker Thread

Finished Front

Inside Front Cover   Using a thick felt

Back Cover

Friday, September 23, 2016

Leather Journal Cover

I love the disc bound journals but not really happy with the selection of covers so I decided to make my own.
Gator on the outside

Ostrich on inside

I can flip the covers over if I want a different color.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Pen's with Slip On Caps

After making a couple of pens with slip in caps for a customer I decided it was time to make one for myself. 

His post about the pens with great pictures

What a treat yesterday morning when the mail person came to my door with these. 

I asked Chris if he could make two pens for me using these clips from my parts bucket. I asked for them to be with #6 size nibs. After a little design discussion this is what Chris came up with. I could not be happier

The pens are so comfortable to hold,light weight,the Schmidt nibs and feed so wet and wonderful,the material smooth and silky and Great Quality Workmanship.

The pen caps tightly and easily and posts very securely with little pressure. The nib stays airtight when capped...but it is also made to use Hero 616 caps for a different look. These caps work just as well as the matching caps. I can't decide what way I like them the best

The orange one reminds me of early red hard rubber pens from a 100 years ago and the black Delron is similar to black hard rubber except no rubbery smell and very tough material! 

Now I must go and play some more.!!!

 photo DSC01021_zpsnxjamxdl.jpg
 photo DSC01024_zpsqceuz6sl.jpg
 photo DSC01025_zpsa7nccvuq.jpg
 photo DSC01026_zpskvebtljm.jpg
 photo DSC01028_zpsva6fidwj.jpg
 photo DSC01031_zpsugc4ynsj.jpg
 photo DSC01032_zpsjhiyshhv.jpg
 photo DSC01033_zpsrxwm3r6m.jpg
 photo DSC01034_zpsc8m8uj3q.jpg
 photo DSC01038_zpsaah3d9wv.jpg
 photo DSC01039_zpspjl8i7xv.jpg
 photo DSC01040_zps89fgh5p9.jpg
The chrome caps makes one think of those 1950's style of pen...I mean I just could not be happier. I now have 5 pens made by Chris with another matching roller ball on order.

 I had this hooded nib unit in stock so I though why not.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Eversharp With A Slip On Cap

I got this vintage nib a bit ago and today was the day to make a pen.  I used Delron on this one.
I had a customer who challenged me to make a pen with a matching friction fit cap.  After I made his I had to have one of my own.
I made two of them for him but they are in the mail so I will wait until he gets them before I post them. 

Eversharp 14K Flexible
Roughed out section

Roughed out body

Finished cap

All Finished

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Vintage Nib Into TWSBI Vac

I had installed a new section and vintage nib into a TWSBI a while ago so this makes number two
The nib the customer wanted installed

Vintage Nib Unit

New Section and vintage nib unit

Vintage nib unit installed into section