Monday, July 22, 2013

Parker 21 Liquid Ball Point

Another small project from my good friend.
"should be no problem" lol
21 with a cracked hood



I was not able to use the clutch ring because it has a smaller hole to match up with the shell threads not the larger body threads.  So I made the section the same size as the clutch ring so I hope it fits good but if not then I can make it a bit smaller.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

A Dressed Up Set

I spent my weekend working on this pen set.  It is a M200 ballpoint and fountain pen.

A little bit of history on this set.  I have a good friend who has taken on his own to make me the best custom pen person there is.  I say on his own because I sure was sure not around when this vote was taken.
It always starts out the same little smile and a twinkle in his eye and the words "I have something to show you".
Nothing is ever anything that I can say "no problem" to at all because there is always some little twist that takes it from a very quick and easy to what the heck, I have to think in this for a while.
This set was one of those.  I have done lots of the 200 fountain pen binde but I have never worked on a ball point and my biggest fear is having to hand a customer back a bag of pen pieces and saying whoops.
I have had this set on my bench for I would say 3 months now because I was afraid to get it on to the lathe.
Well today was the day.  I would have a great looking pen or a pile of parts.  
Happy to report I don't have a bag of parts to return to my customer.

So I have to say thank you for always making me think outside the box.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

M1000 Nib Holder

This was a custom build for a customer.
It had to be matte black ED filler and no pocket clip.
This pen is close to a 149 sized pen and will hold a ton of ink.

This  material is Delron.  
I was at my metal supplier a while back and they were moving some metal around on these black rollers.
I was able to score one from them and when I got the commission on this pen I thought a perfect match.