Sunday, November 25, 2012

Pen Repair

This was a pen that I got back last month.
It is a ebonite click pen that takes a Parker style refill.
The customer was going through airport security and as he was taking his jacket off it "ripped the pen out of my pocket and it flew across the floor".
End result     Floor 1 Pen 0

Because the click end was black a made a black tip to match.

So at least he has his pen back to working order.

My M800

It took me a while to get up the courage to do this one because is the most expensive pen that I have "cut" into.  I had some help from Chris Burton as well.
I took it slow and steady and in the end I was very pleased at how well it turned out.
If you hold it up to the light you can still see the piston moving.

A Couple M215's

It has been to long since I have been in the shop as we have been working at THIS all summer and early fall.  But everything is all put to bed and the woodpile is all stacked up and set to go.

This first one was a M215 I had got a bit ago but was just waiting for the right material to talk to me.
This was some material I got a long time ago.  It  takes a lot of fine shallow cuts to get a good job.

This second one started out as a desk pen that I got on an E bay auction a while ago.
It was large enough that I was able to get the binde out of it.
The pen was dried out and it has an air hole on one side but I thought it was sort of cool so I left the hole.
I have never seen this material in a pen before but I really liked it a lot.